too noisy wind turbines soon shut down


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After months of suffering, the residents finally obtained justice. On the Échauffour side, in Orne, a total of five wind turbines will no longer be able to operate at the usual frequency. Acoustic studies have shown that they produce excessive noise pollution. The wind farm will therefore come to a standstill following a prefectural decree that will be promulgated in the coming days.

Residents finally breathe

Once the prefectural decree is published, the operator will have 24 hours to shut down the wind turbines. It had been several months since the residents had been fighting for this decision to be made. “It is a real first recognition of the State of the nuisances which one undergoes and which one witnesses for a year and a half”, rejoices Fabrice Ferreri, resident of the Echauffour wind farm and spokesperson for the collective.

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