top games with the plumber from Nintendo

Super Mario is currently one of the most admired franchises in the video game industry.

Mario is a video game character. In fact, the latter has been around for over 35 years. Appeared in over 200 tracks, the mustached plumber from Nintendo is the best-selling video game franchise of all time. In this context, it currently has 600 million sales since her first appearance in 1981 in Donkey Kong.

There are so many great games starring Mario. However, some versions are better than others. So it’s time to rank the crème de la crème of games starring Mario. And you might as well say it straight away, fans of retrogaming will be served.

In addition, we will regularly update this top to ultimately include all the games in the franchise to provide a guide for novices and fans alike.

Super Mario World (1991)

Super Mario Word is a 2D game. In this version, the more difficult challenges are locked for dedicated players. Plus, there’s more color, more story, and more characters. Commercially, the Super Mario Word game has been very successful. In fact, over 20 million copies have been sold worldwide.


Luigi and Mario decided to go to a place called Dinosaur Land for the holidays. It was at this point that Princess Toadstool was captured by Bowser. The two brothers set off to find him, and after a few hours, they stumble upon a giant egg.

Suddenly, it bursts and the young dinosaur Yoshi comes out. The latter explains that all dinosaurs were also captured in eggs by Bowser. So the two plumbers decide to save the princess and the other dinosaurs.

Game system

Super Mario Word adds a significant extension to movements base of the character in earlier versions. In this context, in addition to being able to run and jump, the mustached plumber can now pocket items for later use, throw items upwards, etc.

Super Mario Bros 3 (1988)

As the name suggests, this is the third installment in the Super Mario series. The latter has been marketed in Japan since 1988, in the United States in 1990 and in Europe since 1991. The 16-bit game is a new mainstream success and shows enormous progress in both storytelling and technology. If Mario was the savior of the gaming industry, Super Mario 3 is the one that made it take off.


The Koopalings invade the 7 regions of the Mushroom Kingdom. The latter seize the magic specters of the sovereigns and then transform them into animals. Therefore, Princess Peach sent Mario and Luigi to fight the enemies.

Game system

The Super Mario Bros 3 game mechanic is similar to previous versions (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Bros. 2), however, the player benefits from new and unseen elements. Indeed, in addition to being able to run and jump, the mustached plumber can fly, slide along slopes, float in the air and also do many types of jumps.

In addition to this, you can access a world’s map. The latter represents all the paths that Mario can take to complete the mission in order to level up. Each level ends with a duel with a Boss. In fact, in the first 7 levels, it is the Koopalings that Mario faces, and in the last level, the plumber challenges Bowser.

Super Mario Bros (1985)


The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. In fact, the Koopas are invading it and turning all people into bricks. Only one person can restore peace to this kingdom, and that is Princess Toadstool (former name of Peach). The problem is that the latter was captured by Bowser. Therefore, the main objective of this game is to free Princess Toadstool from the grip of Bowser, the King of Koopas.

Game system

In this version, Mario can jump, run and move left or right. For each level, the plumber must get to the flag in order to complete it. But for the last level, he has to fight the Boss who is Bowser. Throughout the game there are coins dotted all over the place. He must in collect 100 in order to get an extra life.

There are also blocks marked with a question mark. These reveal rare items or coins when the mustached plumber hits them from below. Against this background, if you get an orange mushroom with red pimples, Mario instantly grows. Thus, he does not die even if he comes into contact with an enemy, he will just become small again.

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Super Mario Odyssey broke some sales records when it came out. Indeed, 2 million copies were sold in just 3 days.


Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach in order to force her to marry him. He also kidnapped Tiara, Cappy’s sister (a hat-like creature). In the game, Cappy and the Plumber recovers an abandoned ship, the Odyssey, and travels from country to country (in total, there are 17) to follow in Bowser’s footsteps. In each country, they must fight against the Broodals, a bunch of rabbits who are in charge of organizing Bowser’s and Peach’s wedding.

Game system

In this game, Mario has to retrieve moons to restore the power of the Odyssey in order to pursue Bowser. By collecting enough moons, the character can even afford new costumes.

As in Super Mario 64, the mustached plumber can perform triple jumps, long jumps and wall jumps. On top of that, he can throw the Cappy cap to attack the enemy. It can also use it as a temporary platform.

Most of the countries in Super Mario Odyssey are inspired by real places, such as the city of New Donk City which refers to New York.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

This version arrived in Europe since June 11, 2010. It’s the 5th Super Mario 3D game after Super Mario 64, Sunshine, 64 DS and Galaxy.


Mario travels to Princess Peach’s castle for the Festival of Stars, an event where a rain of shooting stars looms across the Kingdom’s sky. For his part, Bowser ate a big star and got very big. This sworn enemy of Mario then comes to attack the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps Princess Peach. Then, the latter flees into space and creates his empire in the center of the universe.

It is then that Mario goes in search of Princess Peach. He travels with the Mario ship (which looks like Mario’s head) built by Lubba. This machine is powered by super stars.

Game system

The game has 49 galaxies scattered across 7 different worlds. And the more you advance, the more the difficulty increases. At the end of each level, Mario must fight the Boss to be able to level up.

As soon as the plumber gathers 120 energy stars, 120 more are unlocked. It should be noted that these can be difficult to access or hide. In fact, the character must collect 247 energy stars in the Galaxy 2 universe

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