Tops / Flops Brive-Racing 92: The mentality of the Parisians, the fifth defeat in a row for Brive – Top 14

The incredible mentality of Racing, the second victory in a row given by Sanconnie, but also the dirty night of the Brivists, find the Tops and Flops of this CA Brive-Racing 92.


The steel mind of Ile-de-France residents
After long minutes in the Brivist camp, the Racingmen ended up registering the test for deliverance with Fabien Sanconnie (80e), just seconds from the siren. After the success in the derby at the end of the match and the defensive bonus won last week, Racing 92 strikes again and can be considered as the kings of the end of the match.

Sanconnie, the decisive man
Arrived in 2018 at Racing 92 from CA Brive, the 3e line Fabien Sanconnie crucified his former team by scoring the winning try just seconds from the siren. But the Frenchman is not up to the task. Last week, he was also the one to score the decisive test against Pau. The strong man of the moment.


A fifth defeat in a row for the Brivists
It hurts, very badly, this fifth consecutive defeat. After a first quarter of an hour of madness (13-0 in the 12th minute), the Corréziens continued very strong and achieved an almost perfect first half by being very good in defense, very realistic and very compact. But during the second act, they suffered and a few seconds from the siren, ironically, their former player Sanconnie scored the victory test … And their schedule does not bode well with three trips to come, with the leader La Rochelle, then Castres and finally in Agen …


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