Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Matthieu Delormeau angry with a former reality TV star, they settle their accounts live

Despite the confinement, the columnists of Touche pas à mon Poste do not hesitate to settle their accounts with certain personalities, and it is violent! After Cyril Hanouna, who recently tackled a former C8 columnist, it’s Matthieu Delormeau’s turn to settle accounts with … Afida Turner! The ex-host of NRJ12 did not at all appreciate the words of the latter a few days ago in Do not touch My TV, and he wanted to make it known live! Clearly a colorful account settlement between the two large characters, which we suggest you relive right here.

Very upset against the recent comments of Afida Turner about the Coronavirus, Matthieu Delormeau, who recently worried about the state of health of Jean-Michel Maire in TPMP attacked: “You cannot come and support a conspiracy theory with a glass of champagne and a swimsuit (…) which fits you in the line of the buttocks. It makes no sense, either you entertain us or you talk Politics”. Words to which the principal interested obviously wanted to respond, with all the distributed that we know : “An opinion is like a heart hole, everyone has one. (…) You do not work at Le Point, you do not work at the CNRS, nor at the Institut Pasteur. (. ..) I’m so dear, I was in a bodysuit, I’m having a barbecue and I’m going to serve meals (…) It is not because we are confined that we should be con finished “. Even if we are not sure that the debate could have advanced between them, the sequence will have at least allowed the main stakeholders to settle some accounts … And to make us laugh!

And remember that you must follow the rules announced by the state to protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the French government website HERE.


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