Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Matthieu Delormeau back and attacked after his first show, he says it all

Yesterday in Touche Pas à Mon Poste, it was the big comeback of Matthieu Delormeau! After a year of absence, the young man finally decided to come back to the table. And for his return, he did not mince his words in the various debates. On social networks, most Internet users appreciated finding Matthieu Delormeau in Key Not at My Extension. Most unfortunately after leaving the set, a woman who campaigns against the vaccine to fight against Covid-19 was waiting for her in front of her car. And a little further down in this article, we invite you to discover Matthew’s story.

“I had a bit of a strong start … When I left the show, there was a hysterical girl waiting for me in my car, to talk to me about the vaccines. She jumped on me! I had a difficult evening “, explained Matthieu Delormeau. We hope that after tonight’s daily there were no problems for the TPMP columnist. We remind you that a few years ago, he had lived badly all this relentlessness on social networks. He even took a little break from the show before resting. In a completely different register, know that Internet users reacted to the wax statue of Cyril Hanouna for the Grévin Museum.

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