Touching words by Majida El Roumi from Dubai: Beirut I miss you

With a touched voice, I directed Lebanese singer Majida El Roumi Influential words for its citizens from the Emirates, within the activities of the Dubai Media Festival.

Addressing her citizens who came from far and wide to meet her, she said when she opened her concert yesterday evening, Thursday, on a stage in the “Media City” area in Dubai: “We miss you…Beirut I miss you.”

She also added, “I would love to share good news with you or bring you back on Independence Day, but you and I know that Lebanon has been occupied since 1975.”

In addition, the owner of the song “My People Is Defying” tried to raise morale, saying that “the Lebanese people are subjected to the most violent process of starvation, intimidation, displacement and free moral, material and physical killing without stopping for 46 years, but it is still steadfast and will remain,” according to her saying.

She emphasized that the Lebanese in Arab countries “are not expatriates” but among their families, saying, “You are among the largest Arab and the Arabian Gulf, whose sovereignty and independence we care about.”

It is noteworthy that the owner of “Kalimat” had recently performed a concert at the Egyptian Opera House, and before him in Jordan at Jerash Theater, when she fell ill and almost fell on the stage, but soon she resumed singing.

To explain later that the reason was not more healthy than moral, as she confirmed that this theater holds many memories dear to her heart, as many lovers who have left participated in it.

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