Tough votes for Governor’s nominees, PNP caucus meets to discuss them

The appointments of 17 judges were submitted yesterday by Governor Wanda Vázquez along with a hundred appointments to prosecutors, attorneys and agency commissioners, to be considered by the legislature in the Seventh Extraordinary Session.

Among these appointments is that of the Secretary of Correction, Eduardo Rivera Juanatey, to Superior Judge.

However, the governor’s appointments to the judicial branch, including Rivera Juanatey’s, could be rejected by the Legislative Assembly for the most part.

For his part, the senator and chairman of the Appointments Commission, Héctor Martínez Maldonado, told Metro that he anticipates that the majority of the New Progressive Party in the Senate will not confirm the Secretary of Correction.

This is the second time that the governor has appointed Rivera Juanatey to a judicial position prior to withdrawing her nomination in October.

“I anticipate that it will not have the votes, like last time. That is a matter that will be discussed [hoy] in the caucus and it will be seen what the calendar will be to assess those appointments that were previously rejected, “said Martínez Maldonado.

Likewise, the senator also said that the majority of the governor’s appointments will not have the endorsement of the Senate.

This Extraordinary Session began last Monday and will end on or before December 26, the date on which the 20 days set forth in the Constitution expire.


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