Towards a gradual resumption of sports

Prime Minister François Legault pledged Wednesday to throw ballast to allow young people to resume their sports practices. Thus, extracurricular sports will be able to resume everywhere in Quebec from March 15 and a complete plan for the progressive deconfinement of sports will be presented next week by the provincial government.

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In addition, the Capitale-Nationale, Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie and Mauricie – Center-du-Québec regions will be placed in the orange zone as of March 8. It will therefore be possible to return to the gym and practice sports in pairs.

This announcement, however, left some on their appetites. This is the case of Isaac Pépin, student and football player at the Séminaire Saint-François, in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, who organized a demonstration in front of the parliament next Sunday for the return of sport. The latter is also still on the program.

“I’m a little disappointed. [Le premier ministre François Legault] didn’t really give us any solutions. We will be able to play sports, but together. Doing sports together is not really much, whereas you can be 100 in a place of worship. It is a beautiful inconsistency, we will put it like that ”, reacted Isaac Pépin on the antenna of TVA Nouvelles.

For its part, SPORTSQUÉBEC welcomed the Legault government’s announcement rather well, even if we can guess that the organization was hoping for a somewhat faster return to sport.

“We would have liked a gradual resumption of sports practice for the mental and physical well-being of the population, but we are aware that the government must deal with a situation which generates its share of unforeseen events. We will continue to work with our partners and collaborate with public health to

promote a return to sport quickly, ”commented Luc Fournier, Interim General Manager of SPORTSQUÉBEC, in a press release.

Kingsbury in reinforcement

To support the cause of Isaac Pépin and all these young people in need of sport, Mikaël Kingsbury questioned François Legault in an open letter on Wednesday. The freestyle skiing champion is imploring the Prime Minister to allow the resumption of sports activities after these long months of forced break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I stopped this week and wondered what I would do if I was this youngster deprived of sport for a year in a time of a pandemic. I got dizzy! I wouldn’t have had the capacity to survive a full year without my passion. I’m telling you very simply: I’ll be adrift, ”Kingsbury said.

“I am worried and very concerned about the situation of young athletes in Quebec, argues Kingsbury. Thousands of young people are deprived of their passion, of the activity which motivates them to leave the house, which makes them want to surpass themselves and which gives them the mental space to learn. I’m worried that these young people will be “lost”, that they will abandon sport in favor of the screens. ”

Posted on Facebook, Kingsbury’s missive received a great deal of support, particularly in the sports world. His former teammate and rival Alexandre Bilodeau also praised his initiative.

Long track speed skater Laurent Dubreuil also praised Kingsbury’s stance, which he fully shares.

“I’ve been saying this for months as well, I consider myself lucky it didn’t happen when I was a teenager. At that time in my life, skating was like a way out and a way to de-stress … It was really skating that got me through my days. I can completely imagine what young people are going through right now, said Dubreuil. For their well-being, it is time to start making their passion again. ”

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