Towards a “New Deal” in the travel industry

Reconstruction of aerial networks, differentiated management of flows of passengers in airports, restructuring in the aerospace… The cabinet Archery Consulting anticipates big changes within the industry.

By Véronique Guillermard
The airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on the 12th of may.
The airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on the 12th of may. ERIC PIERMONT/AFP

The travel industry is to rebuild. The epidemic of Covid-19 has permanently damaged its economy and undermined its growth model. It is one of the lessons of the study of the specialist practice Archery Consulting, made public today. Experts paint a picture of an industry forced to reconfigure in order to respond to concerns health, to withstand the economic crisis but also to prepare for the rebound.

2021, the moment of truth for airlines

Thanks to the support plans put in place in the United States ($25 billion), China support (100% public) and in Europe where countries help their airlines (7 billion euros for Air France) air transport “has what to hold out until at the end of 2020”estimate the firm’s experts Archery Consulting. Put off by the crisis in the Covid-19 and the closures of the borders, the airlines have begun a modest recovery since the month of may. “This summer, the rise in

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