Towards a new gesture by Emmanuel Macron in favor of the harkis

Officially, the initiative is part of Emmanuel Macron’s memorial policy since the start of his five-year term. In fact, it is difficult not to see it as an attempt to strengthen ties with a strategic population category, with a view to the presidential election of 2022.

The Head of State has planned to organize a reception dedicated to the memory of the harkis, Monday, September 20, at the Elysee Palace, five days before the traditional national tribute, which takes place each year. Nearly 300 people are invited, according to the Presidency of the Republic, mostly belonging to associations of Algerian fighters who served France, before being abandoned by Paris in tragic conditions. After the Evian accords of March 18, 1962, many of them were victims of bloody reprisals on the part of Algerian nationalists.

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While François Hollande had recognized, in September 2016, “The responsibilities of the French governments in the abandonment of the harkis”, Emmanuel Macron “Wants to take a new step” in the « reconnaissance » of this « abandon », according to the Elysee. “A new chapter” he hears ” to open “, in two different forms.

First, by granting more substantial financial support to this community. After announcing, in 2018, the payment of 40 million euros over four years, aiming to revalue the pensions of veterans and to help their children who live in precariousness, the Head of State should announce the release of new funds for the harkis and their descendants. The « reconnaissance » includes “The pecuniary dimension”, indicates the Elysee, refusing to communicate the exact amount of this envelope. Way to leave it to Mr. Macron to announce it himself, Monday.

“Look history in the face”

But there is no question of sticking to a financial answer. The head of state should also try to find the right words for “To get out of a memory ambiguity, perceived by the harkis as a denial”. The Elysee insists that Mr. Macron wishes to register “In a repair job” – and not just compensation. After the end of « abandon » employed by Mr. Holland, it could evoke that of “Breach” of the state, according to his entourage.

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