Towards a suspension of the license to practice for hundreds of nursing assistants | Coronavirus

This is what their professional order announced on Monday, which follows in the footsteps of those representing nurses, respiratory therapists and doctors.

The decision of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers auxiliaires du Québec (OIIAQ), which represents 30,000 members, is not a surprise.

In a decree adopted on September 24, the Legault government indeed obliges all workers in the health and social services sector to be adequately vaccinated as of October 15.

It’s a decree, so we had to comply with the decree, commented the president of theOIIAQ, Carole Grant, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

We highly recommended it to our members. It is part of the measures, we completely agree with the vaccination.

A quote from:Carole Grant, President of theOIIAQ

According to her, 1,875 members of the order were not fully vaccinated as of Oct. 7, based on a government-provided vaccination record. It makes a lot of people, noted Ms. Grant.

This includes workers who have not received a dose of a vaccine, others who have only received one, and still others who have received their second dose within seven days.

The government considers them to be people who have been adequately vaccinated, but not adequately protected, since it must elapse a week before the immunization is conclusive.

It is difficult for us to give you the reason why these people are not vaccinated. They don’t call us to tell us either.

A quote from:Carole Grant, President of theOIIAQ

The number of nurses in each of these three categories is not known.

Each of them should receive an email this week explaining what they need to do to regularize their situation.

Carole Grant was unable to say in which regions or in what types of establishments nursing assistants who fall into one or other of these three categories work.

According to her, theOIIAQ will be able to verify the immunization status of its members and thus prevent unvaccinated workers from working in health facilities beyond November 15.

This responsibility is also shared by the establishments, so they must themselves verify with their employees. There is a way to do it on their side, and a way to do it on ours, noted Ms. Grant.

Anyone who tries to work without being adequately vaccinated risks a complaint to the Syndic of theOIIAQ, who can launch an investigation for illegal practice of the profession.

Violators face fines very substantial, according to Ms. Grant.

Nurses who regularize their situation will quickly get their license back, seven days after receiving their second dose.

The suspension will be automatically lifted, said Ms Grant. Everything has been done to make it happen as quickly and as simply as possible.

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