Trade approaching for JJ Redick, 3 cadors in the running!

While the Pelicans are in deep trouble in the West, trades are in sight for the Louisiana franchise. JJ Redick should be the first to go, and three teams are well placed to pick him up.

At the Pelicans, this new season is taking on the appearance of a fiasco. With a poor record of 7 wins for 11 losses, New Orleans now points to the penultimate place in the Western Conference. Nothing is finished yet to reach the playoffs but in view of the competition, it seems difficult for the men of Stan Van Gundy to do something about it.

Zion Williamson Still struggling to save his team, when Lonzo Ball continues to disappoint despite his almost perfect score against the Bucks earlier in the week. As for JJ Redick, he’s definitely not playing anymore and he’s even left the rotation.

Announced as “DNP”, the rear is therefore a victim of the choice of his coach, who simply does not want to play. This is something relatively common when a player is about to be traded, which suggests that Redick is in that category. This is confirmed by Shams Charania, who even mentions 3 teams on pole.

The Pelicans have decided to focus on the 76ers, Nets and Celtics as potential destinations for JJ Redick. The full-back, whose family resides in Brooklyn, has a strong preference to return to the northeastern part of the country. No deal is imminent, however.

So heavy for Redick, who happens to be a reinforcement of choice for the contenders for the title. Even if he does not know his best season, he knows that he can always bring out of the bench, he who shoots 41% in his career behind the arc.

With him, Lonzo Ball could also pack his bags. In the meantime, it’s Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Kira Lewis who have taken Redick’s place in the rotation. A will of the team in the reconstruction.

This is becoming clearer for JJ Redick, who should no longer be a Pelican before the end of the season, barring an accident. It remains to know his destination, and pretending he is going rejoin.

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