Tragedy in Bella Vista: he exercised, approached a light pole and died of electrocution

Pablo Sanagua was 19 years old (Facebook)

Pablo Sanagua, a 19-year-old young man residing in the Buenos Aires town of Bella Vista and worker of a food company, He went out to exercise, stopped at the side of a public lighting pole and suffered a violent electric shock that cost him his life at the time.

The episode It happened last Monday next to a soccer field in the Los Grillos neighborhood, on the corner of Estrada and Paraguay streets in Bella Vista., party of San Miguel. It was in the middle of the strong storm that hit Greater Buenos Aires for practically the whole day and Although the circumstances in which he received the download are still being investigated, there are several versions of the neighbors that would explain the absurd death of Paul.

The police information you accessed Infobae indicated that the young man was electrocuted when he was in contact in some way with a metal light pole. After the accident, Civil Defense personnel were present at the place and found that Sanagua was already dead and that the column was effectively electrified. The victim was found with his bicycle and personal items.

The investigation was in charge of the UFI N ° 18 of Malvinas Argentinas, which qualified the file as investigation of causes of death. Now what remains to be learned is why the pole conducted electricity and became a deadly weapon for any neighbor who approached.

According to witnesses consulted by the channel Chronicle, Pablo allegedly approached the urination pole Y inadvertently he would have touched a loose power cord. Others -as this medium could know- They maintained that there was a bare wire and that the young man, upon maintaining contact, was electrocuted.

From the municipality of San Miguel they told Infobae that what happened is still being investigated and that at this moment accompany the mother of the victim, who is very hit by what happened. “We are helping in whatever way we can,” said an official source to this medium.

Their friends and family fired them on Facebook

Their friends and family fired them on Facebook

Regarding the causes of the accident and the state of the light pole after the versions provided by the neighbors, they maintained that according to what could be seen preliminarily, “there was no bare wire or elements in the column that could be related to what happened.” Although they did not deny that it could have happened while Pablo was urinating next to the pole, they clarified that this must be resolved by justice in the investigation. In that sense, they said that the event could have been related to the rain and the strong storm on Monday, “which caused many problems in the area.”.

Sanagua was a young man dedicated to sports. In fact, after knowing his death, the gym he attends issued a heartfelt message to say goodbye and express condolences to the family.

“What a great misfortune. We are very sorry for the loss of our colleague Pablo Sanagua and from the Machigym family and personally on my behalf, we want to offer our condolences to his mother and all his family, may they find the strength to move forward. Pablito we talked last night and I will always remember you with that desire to improve you day by day “, wrote the owner in the official account of the sports center.

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