Treat yourself to a billionaire’s home for less than 5 million euros

IN PICTURES – This British Surrey mansion is up for sale for £ 4million. It was here that Richard Branson spent part of his youth and developed his taste for business.

A billionaire’s house for a handful of millions of euros? The affair may seem too good, but it should be quickly pointed out that this is only the childhood home of a billionaire. It is in the small town of Shamley Green that Richard Branson, the whimsical founder and CEO of Virgin Group, spent his childhood and this is one of two houses where he lived with his parents that is currently on sale through the United Kingdom Sotheby’s Real Estate network for a tidy sum of $ 4. million pounds, or just under 4.5 million euros.

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This mansion, known as Tanyards Farm, he only occupied it for a few years as a teenager – the house had been acquired by his parents in 1963 when he was 13 at the time – so less than their other address, Easteds Cottage , at the other end of the village. But it was there, as Richard Branson himself writes in his autobiography, that he made his first entrepreneurial experiences. In what he describes as a vast and disparate domain, he takes advantage of the available surface to try to enrich himself in the business of Christmas trees.

He invests 5 pounds in fir seeds and plants them on a piece of land provided by his parents. He plans to produce 400 which he plans to sell for 2 pounds each when they grow. We lost it, a few months later, the hares have devoured almost everything and the initial bet is lost. Richard Branson will avenge himself by delivering a few hares to the butcher, but the proceeds will not cover his costs.

A funny bestiary in the garden

Some time later, he chose to engage in parakeet breeding and trading. The multiplication of the birds is going well but the demand is far too low and the success is still not there. His mother will end up freeing the dozens of parakeets remaining to no longer have to take care of them. Over the years, the billionaire’s business initiation ground – he had sold, at age 43, Virgin Records for 1 billion dollars – has maintained its status as a bourgeois residence with nearly 330 m² of living space, a ceiling height of up to 4 to 5 meters and 4 large bedrooms.

In terms of decoration, the pieces are of varied inspiration but overall quite busy. Not sure that the style is unanimous among buyers willing to pay more than 4 million euros. Especially since the bestiary of the garden with its pigs and its bronze lions may surprise some. The fact remains that the 5600 m² of land are a major asset of this property. Between woods and pastures, the house has two vast gardens and three patios which allow you to enjoy the outdoors as the sun shines, and to eat or stroll there. And who knows if this inspiring place will not suggest new business ideas like the illustrious occupant of the place? Hoping that they are more fruitful than his experiences of the time.

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