Trial against Trump in the US Senate in the second week of February

Donald Trump

The former US president is held responsible for his supporters attacking the US Capitol.

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Washington The second impeachment proceedings against former US President Donald Trump should enter the hot phase in the second week of February. Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate agreed on the week beginning February 8 as the date. Trump’s term ended this week – but the process could bring him to a lifelong federal suspension.

The Democrats want to hold Trump accountable for his supporters’ attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. At the same time, however, they also want to avoid the process delaying important initial initiatives by new President Joe Biden – such as the huge new stimulus package with a volume of 1.9 trillion dollars, which is still controversial between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.

First of all, the House of Representatives’ indictment with the charge of “inciting riot” should be read out in the Senate on Monday evening local time (7 p.m. / 1 ​​a.m. CET on Tuesday).

The members of the proceedings will then be sworn in on Tuesday, as the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, announced on Friday (local time). To do this, the presiding judge at the Supreme Court, John Roberts, must first be sworn in as head of the impeachment proceedings. He, in turn, has to take the oath from the 100 senators who take the role of jury in the process and make the final decision.

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While the prosecutors and defense attorneys worked on their impeachment papers, the Senate would take care of other matters, Schumer said. This also suits Biden, as he depends on the approval of the Senate for the confirmation of his cabinet members and other top personalities. The vote on Biden’s candidate for leadership of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, is scheduled for Monday

Will enough Republicans vote for a conviction?

By February 8, all written arguments from the House of Representatives and Trump attorneys should be available. The actual impeachment process in the Senate would then begin on February 9th. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell originally proposed a launch a few days later.

Trump has had to face impeachment proceedings that ended in Senate acquittal. A two-thirds majority of the senators present is required for a conviction. The parties each hold 50 seats in the Senate. So 17 Republicans would also have to stand up against Trump.

So far it is unclear whether enough Republicans will vote to convict Trump. Some of them were already of the opinion that there could be no impeachment proceedings against a president after the end of their term of office. At the same time, however, their previous majority leader McConnell, who had long been one of Trump’s most important allies, kept a vote in favor of condemning the ex-president.

January 6th, with the riot at the Capitol instigated by Trump, “was a day none of us will ever forget,” said Schumer. Angry Trump supporters broke into the parliament building after an inciting speech by the Republican. At the time, Congress had met there to formally confirm Biden’s election victory. Five people were killed in the riot, including a police officer.

“We all want to leave this terrible chapter in our nation’s history behind us. But there will only be healing and unity if there is truth and accountability, ”said Schumer. The impeachment procedure could take care of that.

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