“TRIANGLE STRATEGY”, the new work of the “Qilu Traveler” team, will be released in March next year | 4Gamers

SQUARE ENIX announced the new strategic RPG “TRIANGLE STRATEGY” to be launched on Nintendo Switch on Nintendo Direct today (24), which is expected to be released on March 4, 2022.

This work was the work of “Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY” that was released at the time. It is now officially named “TRIANGLE STRATEGY” and is created by the team of “A Path Traveler” and “Apocalypse of Courage”.

There is a magnificent story presented in HD-2D exquisite pictures. The story stage is the war-torn continent of Nozeria, players will have to make difficult choices.


According to the official, various choices and actions in the game will accumulate “beliefs” based on the three values ​​of “BENEFIT”, “MORAL” and “Freedom”, and will affect the differences in the plot and the characters that join our camp.


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