world Trouble with Tories over Islamhass investigation

Trouble with Tories over Islamhass investigation


DThe prelude to the British campaign was quite bumpy for the Conservatives of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and there has been a dispute over an investigation into Islam hatred in the party. On Saturday, Health Minister Matt Hancock and former Vice Secretary-General Sayeeda Warsi exchanged views. On December 12, the British are to elect a new parliament.

Background for the dispute is a promise by Finance Minister Sajid Javid. He had proposed as Johnson's competitor for the summer party leadership in a live TV debate to investigate the party's Islamophobia. His competitors, including Johnson, agreed with him. Meanwhile, the head of government wants to know but nothing more. On Friday he told the BBC that there would be a "general inquiry into prejudices of all kinds".

Warsi, who is one of the party's most prominent Muslims and now sits in the upper house for the Tories, was outraged by the backlash. "Yes, it is true, my party does not care about racism in its own ranks. We are just anti-racist to gain political advantage, "she wrote on Twitter.

On Saturday there was new trouble. Health minister Hancock said in a BBC radio interview that he respects Warsi, but other party members are pursuing a "more balanced approach." Warsi responded promptly: On Twitter, she accused Hancock of whitesplaining. With the term "white" and "explain" the small speeches of discrimination against dark-skinned minorities by members of a fair-skinned majority is called.

Johnson was repeatedly exposed to the accusation of Islamophobia, among other things, because he had mocked women in a newspaper column with full veiling as "mailboxes" and "bank robbers".

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