Trump approves intelligence briefings for Biden

US President-elect Joe Biden reportedly wants the former Deputy Foreign Minister Antony Blinken transferred responsibility for the Foreign Ministry. The 58-year-old is expected to be nominated for the ministerial post in Biden’s government, as reported by several people familiar with the matter. Advisors Biden had announced that he would announce his first appointment for a ministerial post on Tuesday.

Blinken was already Vice Secretary of State and Vice Advisor for National Security in the Obama administration. He has close ties to Biden, whose security advisor he was. If nominated and confirmed, it would be his job to restructure relations with other countries after ties to long-time allies under incumbent Trump were challenged for four years.

Blinken had recently attended a national security briefing with Biden and the elected Vice President Kamala Harris and made public statements on foreign policy issues. He is a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Law School. Blinken is considered to represent a number of former security officials who advocated strengthening US diplomacy and global engagement.


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