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In the middle of the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have thrown taunts.

These have especially come from Trump and his campaign ‘Latinos for Trump’, who have published propaganda against the campaign of the Democrat Biden, pointing out that he has support from “progressives like Gustavo Petro or Nicolás Maduro”, they have even called him “Castrochavista” .

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On this occasion, Donald Trump said at a campaign event that his rival, Joe Biden, “received support from the Colombian socialist Gustavo Petro.”

The event was recorded in a video. “He was a member of the M-19 guerrilla, nothing good, right?” Trump declared, while those attending the meeting in Doral, Florida, booed when they heard the name of the senator from Colombia Humana and former mayor of Bogotá.

In addition, he added that Biden “surrendered to narco-terrorism” in Colombia.

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After that, the senator of Colombia Gustavo Petro responded in a trill to the president of the United States: “Trump has just accepted the advice of Colombian politicians closely linked to drug trafficking and genocide in Colombia.”

This episode occurs days after a controversy was formed by the WLRN report, which indicates that members of the Democratic Center party intend to influence the decision of the United States voters in favor of the re-election of President Donald Trump and against the they call “socialist” Joe Biden.

(In context: They point to Uribismo trying to influence US elections.)

Months ago, a similar situation had already arisen when Trump’s Latino campaign published a propaganda (in Spanish) in which his opponent of the elections, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, appears saying: “I will be one of the most progressive presidents of the American history”.

After that, the video shows the late former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, saying “our progressive governments”; then the former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, with the same message; The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and the senator of Human Colombia, Gustavo Petro, also come out, saying: “this new progressive axis would have very powerful allies.”

Petro responded to this at the time by saying, “If I were in America with the right to vote I would vote for Biden, just to save humanity from a hecatomb,” he wrote.

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