Trump cashes in bankruptcy in the US Supreme Court – Biden cabinet takes on further forms

Joe Biden’s election victory in the US state of Georgia has again been confirmed. The top electoral officer in the state, Brad Raffensperger, re-certified the results Monday, saying, “We have now counted the legally cast votes three times and the results are unchanged.”

US President Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat and has tried in several states to delay the official determination of the results beyond the electoral process or in court. Without having any evidence, he continues to say that there has been widespread electoral fraud.

Georgia had first counted votes after election day, so Biden won in the state. Because the gap between Biden and Trump was relatively small, Raffensperger applied for a recount by hand, as required by law in Georgia for such cases. Biden’s victory was also confirmed there. Georgia law also allows the loser to recount votes if the gap between candidates is up to 0.5 percentage points.

Trump applied for this – during this counting by scanner, discrepancies appeared in some districts, which required renewed certification on site. Subsequently, Raffensperger had to confirm the results again at the state level.

Raffensperger, like Trump’s Republican, defended the integrity of the vote on Monday: “I know there are people who believe that the election was fraught with problems. But the evidence, the actual evidence, the facts tell us a different story. “


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