Trump defends the construction of the wall and presents in a speech a woman whose grandmother was killed by an undocumented | Univision News Shows

reporter: in the white house

today he cried crying to be

End the sanctuary city.

my grandmother was alive if not

there was a law to protect

the undocumented.

he saw her and murdered a

undocumented immigrant.

she was part of a speech

about migration that the

president trump gave today before

patrol agents


Many Latinos

photos in the hands of the president

I was alert to the walls in the


it’s a wall virtually

impossible to cross.

reporter: but of what

built few are wall


the construction was done in

areas where there were others


the reality that the wall that

It was proven that the traffic stops.

reporter: the cost of the wall

Keep climbing.

millions were received for the

7 mile construction


the divestment of funds leaves without


as aircraft construction of

War and ships.

several congrecistas criticized

the move.

the secretary of defense

defended the diversion of funds.

He argues that it is legal.

add up to eleven billion

of olares the funds for the

wall construction.

the reality that we saw that the

mayoía del pueblo

American is not

Interested in building a wall.

reporter: for the president

The wall is a political issue.

the campaign promise of

president is build miles

of walls before

November elections.

to achieve this goal he asked

to congress two billion

adiocinals on the

This year’s budget.

that money will not be approved, but

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