world Trump says he will send medical supplies to Spain...

Trump says he will send medical supplies to Spain at Sánchez’s request


The Spanish government, overwhelmed by the number of infected and deceased by the coronavirus pandemic, has asked Donald Trump for help in talks held in recent days, as revealed by the United States President himself on Sunday.

In his daily press conference, Trump said that on Saturday night he met with his team at the White House and authorized a series of aid to the European countries most affected by the pandemic, among which are Italy and Spain. USA yesterday, it had a population of 320 million, with 122,000 infected and 2,100 deceased, according to official figures.

“We are going to send them medical supplies that we do not need, even though at the moment we also need a lot of supplies, and we are going to help them financially, we are helping Italy a lot, and we are going to work closely with Italy and with Spain, which has received a hard blow », said the president.

Trump participated by videoconference in the last G20 meeting, on Thursday, to which the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, also connected. Since then, the two governments have kept in touch and Spain has asked for help with medical supplies, after the failure of the purchase of 9,000 unapproved and useless test tests from China.

“We are making an effort, referring to certain medical equipment that is very difficult to obtain, very difficult to manufacture. And, at the right time, we will distribute that equipment throughout the world, to other countries, “Trump said Friday, when he revealed that Spain has requested respirators in the event of the collapse of its hospitals. It is not, however, the only EU country that has asked Washington for help.

“Boris Johnson has asked me for respirators,” added the President, referring to the British Prime Minister. Italy wants respirators. Spain wants respirators. Germany wants respirators. Everyone is asking for respirators. Well, we are going to make a lot of respirators. And we will take care of our needs, but we will also help other countries, “said the president.

Almost three weeks ago, Trump harshly criticized how the European authorities had managed this health crisis, since they had not closed their borders to China in January, like him. The American president believes that the contagions mainly came to the United States. Europe, that is why it closed the border to the countries of the Schengen area on March 11.

China, the country where the pandemic was generated, has sent medical supplies to Italy and other European countries, along with a diplomatic campaign to improve its image. Cuba has also sent doctors to help Italy, the country most affected by the pandemic. .


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