Trump to lose his “special status” on Twitter in January

The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has warned this Wednesday that the current tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, “will lose its special status” on the social network from January, which could expose you to a possible suspension of your account if you violate the regulations.

During an appearance before the Senate Judicial Committee, Dorsey has indicated that the New York tycoon will be treated like any other Twitter user once Joe Biden is sworn in as the new president, according to information from the Bloomberg agency.

Trump, therefore, will not be able to make threats, harass other users or violate copyright regulations – three things he is usually accused of. Since he became president of the United States, Twitter has published its tweets with alerts or has removed some of its videos. The account, however, has not been suspended at the moment.

“If an account is no longer owned by a world leader, the policy of not suspending it disappears”, has qualified. The account of his son Donald Trump Jr., for example, was briefly suspended last July after sharing a video in which he claimed that hydroxychloroquine cured COVID-19.


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