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His hours are numbered …

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the term of office of US President Donald Trump (74) ends. The moving boxes are packed, some have already been picked up. But when does Trump himself lock the door of the White House behind him?

The fact is: He does NOT come to the swearing-in of his successor Joe Biden (78). And: He wants to take off one last time with Air Force One – the presidential plane. And the time is running out.

Rumor has it that Trump wants to leave his official residence on the morning of Inauguration Day. A graduation ceremony is still planned, reports US media. Trump also hopes there will be a departure with military honors. He can be expected to leave the White House forever:

If he is convicted in the second impeachment proceedings that have started, he can never run for the Oval Office again. The Senate is due to vote on it today.

In any case, according to the calculation, Trump wanted to leave as the incumbent president: This means that he still has access to the service helicopter “Marine One” and the presidential plane “Air Force One”. After the change of power, Trump, as then former president, should have had his successor approve the use of the helicopter and the jumbo jet. He didn’t want that, they said.

Trump still has command of America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons on Wednesday morning. A uniformed man will therefore have to stay near the departing president for the last few hours with the so-called “football”, a briefcase with the launch portal, and fly with him to Florida.

After Biden’s oath of office at 12 p.m. local time, Trump’s codes are immediately deactivated.

Trump is not returning to New York, but will live in Florida: he had his main residence changed to the sunshine state a long time ago. He wants to settle in the luxury resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach (126 rooms, 5,810 square meters of living space, pool and gardens).

The move is already in full swing

In any case, the relocation work is in full swing in the White House – and there is controversy: Employees were filmed when they carried a bust of Abraham Lincoln from the West Wing (BILD reported). Immediately the question was asked: Does Trump allow more souvenirs to be packed here than allowed?

The celebrity portal TMZ even ran the headline “Stop the Steal”, which Trump supporters used in relation to what many are convinced of the “stolen elections”.

The riddle about the bust of America’s 16th president, who ended slavery, remained unsolved for the time being: In response to journalists’ inquiries, the White House referred to the government arm “General Services Administration”, which promptly returned the ball …

Other pictures of the move seem more harmless: in the garden of the US official residence there are furniture trucks, Debbie Meadows, the wife of Trump’s chief of staff, was seen inviting a stuffed bird. Plastic containers with newspaper clippings were stacked: headlines from the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” from Trump’s tenure were visible. Some of the boxes were labeled “Storage”, “Presidential Library Gifts” or “Visitors Office Archives”.

Photo: AP

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A moving truck is parked at Donald Trump’s Florida property Photo: AP

Trump’s belongings have now arrived at his new Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida, as this picture shows.

He has not yet announced any plans as to where his library will be built. The Republican apparently never believed he would rule for only one term.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka (39) and her husband Jared Kushner (40) have also started the move in Washington’s noble district of Kalorama: Furniture and art objects have been loaded.

The couple, who served as top advisors in the Oval Office, like Trump, will not return to New York but will also settle in Florida. They fear being too hostile in the New York scene.


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