Trump’s security advisor promises Biden an orderly handover

Dhe National Security Advisor to the White House, Robert O’Brien, has promised President-elect Joe Biden an orderly handover. At the same time, in an interview on Monday, O’Brien left no doubt that he did not consider it to be conclusive that Biden had actually won the election against incumbent Donald Trump. However, according to the preliminary election results, the decision is clear.

O’Brien said in the interview at the digital Global Security Forum that there will undoubtedly be a “very professional handover of official business” on the part of the National Security Council – provided that Trump’s lawsuits are unsuccessful and Biden is the winner. “And obviously it looks like it now.” The Trump adviser added, “The great thing about the United States is that we have passed the baton even in the most controversial of times and have had peaceful, successful transitions.

“Very professional people”

Regarding the composition of the White House under Biden, O’Brien said, “You will have very professional people to take up these positions. Many of them have been here before and spent a lot of time in the White House in previous governments. “

Republican Trump and most of his confidants still claim he won the election. Trump speaks of election fraud with no evidence and has filed a number of lawsuits. Citing these lawsuits, the de facto elected government refuses to give the Democrat Biden the legally required support for a transfer of office (“transition”). This would give Biden and his team access to ministries, authorities and confidential information even before they were sworn in and took office on January 20 next year.

The elected president wants according to the “New York Times” announce this Tuesday who will hold key positions in his new government. He once again urged Trump to initiate a handover of government affairs. “More people could die if we don’t coordinate,” Biden said on Monday in his hometown of Wilmington, with a view to the corona pandemic. It must be planned now how a future vaccine against the coronavirus will be distributed. “If we have to wait until January 20th (the day he takes office) to start planning, we will lose a month, a month and a half,” said the 77-year-old. Therefore, the Trump administration must work “now” or “as soon as possible” with its transition team.


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