Try curd in the treatment of acidity of the stomach and you will not regret

Acidity mainly occurs when the stomach begins to secrete excessive stomach acid which instead of aiding in the digestion of foods causes problems such as a burning sensation in the stomach. stomach Heartburn and belching.
“Madam Net” met with the nutritionist, Dr. Abdel Rahman Shams, to talk about the problem of acidity and how it can help to solve it.

Curd is excellent for acidity

Dr. Shams Bidaya said: “Yogurt is a dairy product made by coagulation of milk; milk also contains high amounts of Calcium Which prevents the formation of acid by removing excess amounts of it, which makes yoghurt a very effective home remedy for acidity, as many other nutrients in yoghurt can be easily digested, while yoghurt also helps absorb many nutrients from different foods. ingested, which promotes healthy digestion.
Dr. Shams continues, “Yogurt also contains probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion; a study showed that curds may treat infections caused by Helicobacter pylori, a common cause of heartburn mainly due to stomach infections.”

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More health benefits of yoghurt

Yogurt controls blood pressure

Dr. Shams enumerates some of the benefits of yoghurt as follows:

Improved Digestion: Yogurt is a super probiotic, an ingredient that contains live bacteria, and beneficial bacteria are also known to improve bowel activity, soothe digestive inflammation, and treat an upset stomach.
– Strengthening immunity: the active microorganisms in the yoghurt destroy pathogenic germs and also maintain the protection of the intestine and the intestinal tract.
Healthy skin: Curd has moisturizing effects on the skin, and it also naturally heals dry skin.
While many people suffer from acne due to some digestive issues, curd helps maintain an active gut which leads to healthy skin. Yogurt is a great beauty ingredient; Because it contains lactic acid that works as a great exfoliator and removes all the dead cells and impurities.
Controlling blood pressure: A study conducted at the Scientific Sessions for Hypertension Research of the American Heart Association revealed that people who ate more fat-free yogurt were 31 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure compared to others, as the proteins in yogurt help, Along with essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium, it helps reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart.
Prevents infection: Curd or yoghurt is useful for many women; It helps stop the growth of many yeast infections. The Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria in yogurt controls the spread of infection in the body and also kills yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide.
Strengthen bones: A cup of yogurt contains about 275 mg of calcium, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Daily intake of calcium helps maintain and strengthen bones.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor.

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