Turn your favorite One Piece character into a Springfield inhabitant

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One Piece characters with Homer

Animes and cartoons maintain several clear differences in the stories and artistic style. We can easily see this by comparing, for example, to One Piece with the Simpsons, since the two are completely different in all aspects.

However, thanks to a Reddit artist known as AtomicOtter38, we can see the artistic styles of both. franchises combined in stunning illustrations. Then we leave you the post he shared with One Piece and The Simpsons fans.

Charlotte Katakuri et Homer Simpson crossover de r / One Piece

He practically converted Charlotte et Katakuri de One Piece as worthy inhabitants to stay in Springfield. The illustrations have absolutely all the characteristics to appear in an episode of The Simpsons, many surely want that to happen. Remember, you can see how a fan imagines some of the One Piece characters as real people and they are perfect.

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