Twenties drowned in canal in Lier

A 20-year-old young man drowned in the Netekanaal in Lier on Sunday afternoon. The man is said to have been sitting on the edge of the canal and accidentally fell into it.

It concerns a young man of Palestinian origin who stayed in the asylum center in Ranst. Together with friends he went to the Netekanaal on the Nazarethdreef, but things went wrong around 3 pm. The twenties, who could not swim, fell into the water and submerged. He soon got into trouble.

The boy was romping along the shore with some friends. Unfortunately, he fell into the water, ‘says Mayor Frank Bogaerts (N-VA). His friends could not swim either and had to call the emergency services.

The victim remained underwater for half an hour. Divers from the fire brigade could find him and got him out of the water, ‘says Magalie Derboven, spokeswoman for the Lier police.

A summoned mosquito tried to resuscitate the young man, but all help came too late. “Unfortunately the victim died,” says Derboven.

The police warns that swimming in the Netekanaal is prohibited. Also during this heat wave. “There is a dangerous undertow.”


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