Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump’s account

With more than 88 million subscribers, the social network was the main instrument of the Republican’s political career.

From our correspondent in Washington

Twitter took severe political sanction against Donald Trump by permanently suspending his account on Friday, January 8. Increasingly politically isolated after his supporters took over the Capitol and interrupted the vote count for the presidential election, Donald Trump was suddenly and without notice deprived of his favorite means of communication, which allowed him to address directly to its more than 88 million subscribers.

The measure was announced by Twitter, which justified it by citing Trump’s last two messages published on Friday. One called his supporters “ patriots », And the other announced that he would not participate in the enthronement of his successor on January 20. Twitter considered that they violated the rules prohibiting calls to violence. The messages “ were very likely to encourage people to replicate the criminal acts that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 ”Said the Californian company.

Minutes later, @RealDonaldTrump’s Twitter account became inaccessible, and the tens of thousands of messages the President had sent over the years were gone, replaced with the warning: “Account suspended».

The president spent the evening trying to escape this blacklisting, posting his messages on other accounts, before being caught and censored by Twitter.

Trump thus tried to post a message on the official account of the US president, @POTUS: “ As I announced for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further to impede free speech, and tonight Twitter employees came to an understanding with the Democrats and the Radical Left by suspending my account from their platform. form, to silence me, at the same time as YOU, the 75 million great patriots who voted for me Trump wrote. “ I predicted it was going to happen. We have negotiated with several other sites, and will be making a big announcement soon, while examining the possibility of creating our own platform in the near future. We will not be reduced to SILENCE! Twitter does not defend freedom of expression. Twitter is a platform that promotes the radical left and where the most nefarious individuals can speak freely ».

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The conservative media and Trump’s last allies immediately denounced a measure “ Orwellienne And warned against the end of freedom of speech in the United States. They also challenged the power of censorship wielded by a handful of unelected executives of large California corporations. Trump supporters have called for using other social networks that do not practice censorship, such as the conservative Speak.

Twitter issued a warning to Trump on Wednesday by temporarily suspending his account, where he continued to launch his electoral fraud charges after his supporters attacked the Capitol. The account was restored Thursday evening. But after a video calling for appeasement, Trump resumed his defiant messages on Friday morning. Facebook also banned Trump from its platform until the end of his term on January 20.


Twitter has been the main instrument in Donald Trump’s political career. He was one of the first to adopt this network, which he joined in 2009, to make it a forum from which he addressed his subscribers directly, giving his opinion or expressing his disagreement on the most varied subjects. .

In 2011, Trump realized the power of Twitter, where he began to spread the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen. During his presidential campaign in 2015, he used his inflammatory messages on Twitter to occupy the media and take precedence over his competitors. Launching his attacks, making comments, sometimes posting dozens of messages a day, his Twitter account was Trump’s favorite weapon. Once elected, he continued to use this network to conduct his policy, carry out government announcements, appointments and resignations, and conduct his diplomacy. By speaking directly to his subscribers, Trump was independent of the goodwill of the media he claims he hates, while imposing on them the topics he wanted. The suspension of this account deprives Trump of his primary means of communication with his supporters. It also helps fuel the minds of the millions of followers of the outgoing president that he is the victim of a vast conspiracy involving the “ Deep state , The Democratic Party and multinational technology companies.

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