Two dogs are missing, and the house is ‘wet’… The ever-growing sinkhole

A giant sinkhole in a town in central Mexico continues to grow and engulf nearby houses and animals.

According to Mexican media such as Televisa and the Associated Press on the 10th (local time), the diameter of the sinkhole, which was first formed at the end of last month in a field in Zacatepec, Puebla, Mexico, has grown to 126m now.

It is large enough to fit a soccer field.

The depth is 15 to 20 meters, which is the height of the 5th to 7th floors of the building.

This sinkhole, which was created near a remote farmhouse, was about 5 meters in diameter when it first appeared, but it continues to grow as it swallows up the nearby land.

The only house next to the sinkhole partly collapsed and began to be sucked into the sinkhole.

Two dogs living nearby also fell into the sinkhole.

A drone video released by an animal protection group showed two dogs barking at the drone in the middle of a sinkhole.

It is not known how the dogs got into the sinkhole.

Puebla’s Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa said he was looking into how to rescue dogs trapped in a sinkhole, but said he would never allow a situation that endangers people in the process of rescuing a dog.

It is still unclear why the sinkhole, which continues to grow today, was created.

Some residents claim it was the result of excessive extraction of groundwater by nearby factories, the Associated Press reported.

It is also speculated that it was caused by the current flowing underground.

In fact, the bottom of the sinkhole is filled with water.

Although people flock to see the rare and mysterious sight, authorities are fearing further subsidence, so they have fenced off the sinkhole and restricted access, and drone photography is also restricted.

(Photo=Puebla Provincial Government Twitter, animal rights organization URSVA Puebla Facebook, Yonhap News)


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