Entertainment Two exhibitions of clear collective character for the 'autumn...

Two exhibitions of clear collective character for the 'autumn season' of Tabakalera


The exhibition hall of Tabakalera, located on the first floor of the Center for Contemporary Culture, hosts from this Saturday, Saturday, November 9, the two samples that constitute the proposal of its 'autumn season'. And also winter, since both will remain open until February.

Is about 'Cotton Algorithms', by the Portuguese artist Filipa César, and from 'On fail [l] ed Tales and Ta [y] lors', by Madrassa Collective, composed of artists and researchers based in various countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Both César and the Madrassa collective they have previous relations with Tabakalera and San Sebastián, and their presence in the exhibition program of the center, which according to the head of the Contemporary Art area, Oier Etxeberria, “is the thread that relates all the elements of the house ', began to work with Ane Rodriguez. Both his successor, the current director of Culture of Tabakalera, Clara Montero, and the artists have recognized and thanked his imprint.

As for the exhibitions, Etxeberria has stressed that there are numerous coincidences between the two, beyond the previous relationship of the creators with 'the house'.

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The first one, endorsed by the artists themselves in the presentation of their projects, is the collective nature of creations, even in the case of the sample bearing the signature of a single person.

The second link, very evident in the interventions of Filipa César and Francesca Masoero, who has intervened on behalf of the 'curatorial collective' Madrassa, is «interest in postcolonial and cross-border speeches».



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