Two new cases in the Cabezas neighborhood, 12 in total and concern is growing in vulnerable areas

The José Luis Cabezas neighborhood added two infections of coronavirus on Monday. As reported by the Municipality of Berisso, the new positives correspond to two women, 38 and 43 years old, respectively.

In the report, it is indicated that “in the last hours of yesterday, the SISA reported two new positive cases of coronavirus. These cases, in addition to the 5 reported yesterday, also correspond to residents residing in the José Luis Cabezas neighborhood. “

They detail that “these are 2 women, 38 and 43 years old. The patients are stable and will carry out the isolation in their homes. Both patients were swabbed in the joint operation carried out with the Municipality of Ensenada and the Sanitary Region XI, the last Friday, in that neighborhood. “

“In the place, a joint sanitary approach is being carried out between the Municipalities of Berisso and Ensenada and the Sanitary Region XI, because the area affects residents of both cities. In this sense, a sanitary follow-up of the direct relatives of the confirmed patients, who are also carrying out the corresponding isolation, “he concludes.

According to Berisso’s official figures, that city has 20 confirmed cases (17 active and 3 with medical discharge), 326 dismissed cases and 17 suspected cases.

Yesterday, five new confirmed cases also corresponded to residents residing in the José Luis Cabezas neighborhood. These are five men aged 16, 18, 42 and 25 years (the remaining SISA epidemiological record does not report age).


Meanwhile, Ensenada reported that today there were no new cases in the party. In any case, the disinfection work continues in the El Dique area, where some cases had been detected.


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