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Two Pfizer vaccinations have shown high immunity in just 3 months.

3. But the infection began to increase clearly. It’s a new wave in June 2021, or about 6 months after the two injections.
4.There are many countries around the world. The two injections at a high rate of 70% of the population, but there are still new outbreaks of infection.
5. with many factors that caused such an event one of them is decreased immune system Over time after two doses of vaccination
6. The gradual decrease in immunity after the second injection was clearly correlated with the effectiveness in preventing infection.
7. Effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 as a result of the vaccine The effect from high to low is
7.1 Preventing severe illness and death
7.2 Preventing mild illness
7.3 Preventing asymptomatic infections
8. Prevention of severe illnesses that may cause death It depends on the T cells (T-cell) rather than the immune level.
9. Therefore, there must be a study with a sufficient number of samples. and a reliable research methodology design to find the right time to inject 3 needles
10. This study Electronic health records were collected for 80,057 patients, with an average age of 44 years.
11. By detecting infection by PCR after the second needle from 3 weeks onwards that it was not initially infected
12. All age groups After 3 weeks to 3 months of 2nd vaccination, the following results were found:
at 3 months (21-89 days)
found 1.3% of infections
at 4 months (90-119 days)
2.4% of infections were found
at 5 months (120-149 days)
4.6% of infections were found.
at 6 months (150-179 days )
10.3% of infections were found.
and greater than 6 months (> 180 days )
15.5% of infections were found

It is therefore a clear conclusion that Pfizer vaccine which is the MRNA vaccine (mRNA) and high efficiency in stimulating immunity and resulting in the prevention of infection
There will be a high level of immunity for about 3 months, after which it will gradually decrease accordingly. and clearly decreased from 6 months onwards As a result, there are up to 15.5% of infected people, even after having completed two injections.
Therefore, various countries began to gradually issue the necessary policiesvaccination needle 3 across the country, otherwise there will be a new wave of outbreaks. Even though the 2nd vaccination can get 70% of the population.
And an interesting number is that the needle 3 should be injected away from the second needle at 6 months, except in the risk group. poor immunity
May have to consider injections at 3 months, which Thailand has already prepared according to the aforementioned guidelines
for the situation of COVID-19 infection In Thailand on November 25, 2021, the “economic base” follows information from The Center for Epidemic Management of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or CCC found that the total number of COVID-19 cases increased by 6,335.
Cumulative patients (since April 1, 1964) 2,059,464 cases, 37 additional deaths, 7,218 recoveries, 80,657 treatments, 1,959,663 cumulative recoveries (since April 1, 64) 1,959,663 cases


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