two-thirds of French people opposed to right-wing support for Macron

By Le Figaro with AFP

The proposal of the LR mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi does not convince the French: they are 65% to be opposed to right-wing support for Emmanuel Macron for the presidential election of 2022, according to an Ifop poll for the JDD.

Only 35% of respondents answered “Yes» (10 «absolutely“And 25”rather“) at the question “Do you think the right (i.e. the Republicans party) should support Emmanuel Macron as a candidate for the 2022 presidential election?72% of the voters of the President of the Republic in 2017 are in favor against only 37% for the voters of the representative of the right in this last election, François Fillon.

On an axis ranging from 0 (extreme left) to 10 (extreme right), Emmanuel Macron is judged on the right (7 to 10) by 43% of the French, in the center (4 to 6) by 32% and on the left (0 to 3) by 16% of them. The average of the positioning thus obtained, 5.9, is down slightly compared to the 6.2 obtained in a previous study in February 2019. When asked about their own positioning, the majority of respondents position themselves on the right (33%) and in the center (36%), and 16% place themselves on the left, while 15% of them do not speak out, proportions relatively stable compared to studies carried out since November 2017.

Nicolas Sarkozy is judged to be the personality best embodying the right (69% of opinion in this sense), with a short head ahead of Edouard Philippe (67%), more widely ahead of Xavier Bertrand (59%) and François Baroin ( 58%). Study carried out from September 3 to 4 by self-administered online questionnaire, with a sample of 1,003 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, according to the quota method.


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