Txarango definitely suspends the farewell tour ‘El gran circ’

Txarango has announced that ‘El gran circ’ farewell tour definitively suspended, designed before the pandemic, scheduled for early 2020, scheduled for more than 100,000 people and with all tickets sold out since then. The group has opened a ticket return system which consists of the possibility of receiving the refund or exchanging them for an album “unpublished, limited edition and numbered” which can only be purchased through a reservation until February 21, and which will be entitled ‘ The big dance ‘. This is a double disc with portada il·lustrada for Ricardo Cavolo which compiles some of the group’s iconic themes.

According to a note made public by the group, the songs that include the double have been “reinterpreted” alongside some thirty artists, “friends of the music world.”

In addition, Txarango states that when concerts can be held again, he will schedule a new farewell tour to “celebrate, in the best possible way, the end of the journey.”

“It was very difficult for us to make this decision, as there is a lot of work behind the assembly that we had ready. Above all, a lot of excitement. The truth is that for us it was a dream proposal,” admitted the members of the group. .

But after understanding that the assembly, planned before the pandemic, the interior space of the tent or the fact of having all the tickets sold out they allow for “no flexibility” when it comes to adapting to the measures that could facilitate the concerts.

“We neither want nor can afford to extend this wait forever. So we have no choice but to abandon the format we had planned, return the tickets and start working from scratch on how we will say goodbye to the group in these new time, ”they lamented.


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