U Católica vs Unión Española: Edson Puch leaves the big one with a claim in networks for the penalty

Catholic University he came across a series of obstacles in your match before Spanish Union at the Santa Laura stadium: when he played best, he was sent off Diego Goodnight for patadón to José Leguizamón It hit him in the arm and not elsewhere, but could have had other consequences. And, starting the second half with 10 players, the cast of Ronald Fuentes opened the account.

The action was given with a hand of Carlos Solomon that she had not been warned, but the VAR called the main referee of the commitment, José Cabero. He saw her, collected and Carlos Palacios was not wrong with an accurate shot glued to the side of the net of the goal defended by Matías Dituro, who threw himself well but did not arrive in any way.

This was not liked at all by Edson Puch, who is injured and complained bitterly from home via Twitter. “It was foul before! What a mess!”, put the Iquiqueño with the respective angry emoji covering his mouth as if saying assorted rudeness.

What the pointer refers to is an action that occurred just at the beginning of the play, where a alleged foul on Ignacio Saavedra when the ball was stolen. From there the Spanish Union attacked and the action of both Carlos Palacios.

Edson Puch is affected by a serious tear in the four centimeter soleus the one that, hopefully, will let him come back for the first or second week of February, when the National Championship is close to completion.


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