U.S. Elections: These Charts Do Not Show Counting Fraud in Michigan and Wisconsin

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Charts and maps of U.S. election results, showing Democrat Joe Biden suddenly overtaking Republican Donald Trump in two key states, fuel accusations of social media fraud. For Michigan, these visuals do not illustrate official results but erroneous and quickly corrected temporary data, while for Wisconsin the graph simply shows the late count of a large city very favorable to the Democrat.

“Fraud to death”, “hundreds of thousands of votes appeared” in the night. Publications shared nearly a thousand times in France since the US presidential election, brandish a series of charts and maps, proving, according to them, a fraud favorable to Democrat Joe Biden.

According to these publications (1,2,3), “128,000 additional ballots” (138,000 according to some publications) stripped the night following the election would have benefited “100%” to Joe Biden, allowing him to overtake Republican Donald Trump in key Michigan state.

To confirm this, these publications superimpose two screenshots from the independent electoral analysis site. Decision Desk HQ, showing a score of the Democratic candidate in clear increase in this state.

Screenshot taken on November 6 from a Facebook post

It’s wrong. As we already explained in this review article, these maps actually show erroneous and outdated data which was quickly corrected by the administration and the site in question.

Caroline Wilson, an employee of Shiawassee County in Michigan told AFP by phone: “I accidentally added a zero “, thus counting 153,710 votes for Joe Biden instead of 15,371.

“From the moment it was discovered it was fixed, probably within 20 minutes, I’m stunned at how quickly it spread.”, added Wilson.

This county in central Michigan has indeed only 55,612 registered on the electoral roll.

So when the 153,710 votes for Joe Biden were lowered to 15,371 in the correction, 138,339 votes were taken from the Democrat’s total, with no change in Donald Trump’s total.

“The information contained in the graph is entirely false”, added Michigan State Department spokeswoman Tracy Wimmer in an email to AFP.

Le site Decision Desk a recognized the error later in the day, designating it as a “administrative error “ taken from data from Shiawassee County, and updated the results on its website to reflect the changes, giving Donald Trump a victory in that county with 23,154 votes.

Map with erroneous data, screenshot taken on November 4 at 5:24 a.m. local time
Map with corrected data, republished on November 4 in the afternoon

The viral publications also denounce the appearance of 100,000 votes in favor of Biden the night after the election in the state of Wisconsin, proof of a fraud, according to them.

This assertion is based on a graphic published on November 4 by independent site FiveThirtyEight, showing a sudden jump in the number of votes for Joe Biden.

Screenshot of the FiveTirtyEight website

This interpretation is misleading, this graph does not prove any fraud.

As FiveThirtyEight reporter Maggie Koerth explains, the near-vertical rise in Joe Biden’s curve can be explained by the counting of mail-in votes in the heavily populated and very Democrat-friendly city of Milwaukee.

Screenshot of the FiveTirtyEight website

“There is nothing magical about these results. Counties are revealing large chunks of results all at once.” Curt Villarosa, head of communications for ABCNews, the parent company of FiveThirtyEight, told AFP.

“And those results weren’t 100% for Biden. Behind the blue line is a red line representing thousands more votes for Trump,” he adds.

Published results the night of November 4, then unofficial, showed that in Milwaukee County, and 18 other cities, Joe Biden won 69.13% of the vote against 29.28% for Donald Trump.

“There are no voices that appeared in the middle of the night”, dismissed Wisconsin Election Commission Director Meagan Wolfe when speaking to the press on November 5.

Such “leaps” when the ballot is counted do not always benefit the Democrat, there are many counter-examples in favor of Donald Trump.

In this tweet, FiveThirtyEight reporter Laura shows that the Republican candidate took the lead in the states of Kansas, Montana or Ohio over the count on the evening of November 3, with vertical curves similar to that of Joe Biden in Wisconsin.

With an unprecedented number of mailed ballots, the presidential election remains too contested to declare a winner yet. President Donald Trump on November 4 accused Democrats of trying to “steal the election ” (article in English).

As of November 6 at 1:00 p.m. GMT, the results from several key states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania were still expected to be able to determine the name of the winner of the presidential election.

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