UAE with steps to further strengthen food production sector

Dubai: The UAE has announced Operation 300 billion as part of its efforts to strengthen the country’s industrial production sector and initiate steps to further strengthen the food production sector. The MoU was signed between the UAE Food and Beverage Manufacturers Group and the Ministry of Industry and Modern Technology. The plan is to almost double the revenue from domestic food production by 2031.

The Future Food Forum, held at the Dubai Exhibition Center at the Dubai Expo, was the venue for a number of announcements to further strengthen the country’s food production sector. Saleh Lutha, Chairman, UAE Food and Beverage Manufacturers Group, said the two-day event, which was attended by about 500 delegates, would help set a new impetus for the country’s food production scene.

Food production has been the strongest sector since the Kovid 19 crisis. In the coming days, more emphasis needs to be placed on domestic production for national food security. At the same time innovative ideas and activities should be pursued. Lotha said the food production sector needs to pay more attention to sustainable growth. At the same time, the potential of digital technology must be explored. UAE Food and Beverage Manufacturers Group is committed to creating favorable conditions to ensure more food production in the country.

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