UAS publishes list of admitted in group A of medicine – Ríodoce

The Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) released the list of 248 accepted students from Group A of Medicine, who will be enrolled as regular students in the second semester of the General Medicine Educational Program.

The Rector, Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera, pointed out that with the delivery of these results, the University finalizes the admission process for the 2020-2021 School Cycle, on the same day that he announces the admission process for the 2021-2022 School Cycle and added that accept These 248 young people will have an impact on the institution since 5 additional groups will have to be opened, of which 3 will open in Culiacán, one in Los Mochis and one in Mazatlán and that will represent an investment of 20.5 million pesos.

“The option of Group A was opened for a thousand applicants to enter Medicine, in the area of ​​Health, especially in General Medicine, every year the demand is very intense, and it turns out that this group that we open for up to a thousand applicants, in reality One thousand 165 young people joined, the expectation was broken, the investment at the time I remember that it was little more than 30 million pesos, a resource that is not labeled, or in the budget but the University in that social commitment decided to open this Group A ” , said.

He specified that, on a regular basis, of those 1,165 young people, 865 were attending classes, that is, in the first weeks there was a natural dropout when the students realized that the career or the subjects were not what they expected or were looking for.

“The list of those who accredited the 7 subjects was published, I remind you that the commitment was to accredit the 7 subjects, comply with the attendance and a series of requirements raised and this can be consulted on the Medicine page http: //medicina.uas there you can review who remained practically as regular students and that there are 248 young people who showed their willingness, enthusiasm and energy to accredit and be able to enroll in their second semester ”, explained the Rector.

He indicated that they will be validated this semester that they have passed and to enroll in the second semester they must submit the documentation online on Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 of February of this year on the page http: //dse.uasnet. mx / admission.

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