Uber Cup China team struggled to lose to South Korea and missed defending title

Uber Cup China team struggled to lose to South Korea and missed defending title

2022-05-15 08:52:34Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Bangkok, May 14 (Reporters Lin Hao, Song Yu) The Chinese women’s team fought hard for five games in the badminton Uber Cup final held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 14th. They lost 2:3 to the South Korean team and failed to defend their title.

The first singles match was played by Olympic champion Chen Yufei against An Siying. In the first game, Chen Yufei took the lead for a while, but was overtaken by her opponent and lost a game with 17:21. In the second game, Chen Yufei overtook behind and tied at 21:15. In the decisive game, Chen Yufei was at a disadvantage for a long time and requested treatment when he was behind at 5:10 due to an ankle sprain. An Xiying also had cramps later, but she kept suppressing Chen Yufei in the score and approached the victory with 20:17. However, Chen Yufei did not give up, smashing the ball frequently and scoring, and finally stubbornly reversed at 22:20, scoring the first point for the Chinese team.

Chen Yufei said after the game that after the sprain in the third game, he slowed down, but thanks to the headwind, he had better control of the ball. “She (An Seiying) is actually very physically exhausted, so I just have to be patient and believe in myself.”

In the second match, world No. 1 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan in women’s doubles will play against No. 2 Lee Sao Hee/Shin Seung-chan. After winning the first game with 21:12, the Chinese team was defeated by the opponent with the same score of 21:18.

Jia Yifan said after the game that the two did not use their tactics well enough in the second half of the second game, which made their opponents show confidence and momentum.

In the second singles match, He Bingjiao had an obvious advantage throughout the game, easily defeating Jin Jiaen with 21:12 and 21:13. In the second doubles match, Huang Dongping/Li Wenmei were suppressed by Jin Huizhen/Kong Xirong and lost 20:22 and 17:21. The total score between the two sides was 2:2.

In the third singles match of the decisive victory, Chinese teenager Wang Zhiyi, who won the Asian Championships, and South Korean player Shen Yujing fell into a hard battle at the end of the first game. After saving 7 game points, Wang Zhiyi unfortunately missed the first game with 26:28. In the second game, Wang Zhiyi pulled one back with 21:18. However, the opponent continued the momentum of chasing points in the latter part of the second game in the tiebreaker and won 21:8.

The entire final took nearly 7 hours, and this was the second time the South Korean team won the Uber Cup.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, said after the game that in the past, it was very difficult to play against the Korean team, especially the Korean team’s singles and doubles were balanced, and the Chinese team was ready to play five games in advance. In the fifth game of the game, it was between equal parts. It is a pity that the “mortal” combination failed to seize the opportunity in the second game.

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