Uber Eats will already distribute marijuana in Canada

Ah, geez! Yes, Uber Eats reported that it will already deliver marijuana at home to customers who request it through its application. But here comes the bad news, and which is a bit obvious, this service to distribute cannabis will only be given in Ontario, Canada.

Uber Eats to distribute marijuana in Canada

According Financial Times, Uber announced with great fanfare that it will add marijuana to its list of items that can be ordered through its Uber Eats application, although this will be, for now, only in Ontario, Canada.

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It is from this Monday, November 22 that users of this application will be able to order marijuana through a new category in the Uber Eats application.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the transport and delivery company offers direct access to obtain this drug. In addition, this comes just as pressure continues for more flexible regulations in the United States.


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“When the way is clear for cannabis, when federal laws come into play, we are definitely going to take a look at it.”Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in early 2021.

And to all this … Who will sell the marijuana that Uber will distribute?

The marijuana that Uber Eats will distribute will be sold by Tokyo Smoke, a Toronto-based company with over 50 dispensaries in Ontario.

Eye! It’s not like you ask for it and then, then they take it to you; Before, the application will verify the age of the person requesting it, and later, when the delivery person arrives at the address, it will check the customer’s identification.

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About this service, Uber commented that it will serve to reduce the illegal drug market and it will help reduce the number of drivers on the road who are high on cannabis.

“Uber’s internal payments specialists, in collaboration with our trusted external banking and payment partners, implemented proprietary measures to ensure full payment compliance.”finally added an Uber spokesperson on payment methods.

* With information from Financial Times

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