Ubisoft to Release Yakuza-Inspired Skin Pack for Japanese Rainbow Six Siege Operators

It looks like there will even be Goro Majima – after all, as you know, he is everywhere.

A skin pack for Echo and Hibana will be released on May 24th – apparently, it will include not only skins for the characters themselves, but also weapons with special thematic design.

For Hibana, a bundle in the style of Kaoru Sayama, one of the central heroines of Yakuza 2, will be available, and for Echo, with the image of the protagonist of most games in the series from SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Kazuma Kiryu.

At the end of the trailer with the announcement, they also show a teaser, according to which, later, an elite skin will also be released for Echo – in the spirit of Goro Majima, another important character for the Yakuza franchise.

Information on a potential crossover between Siege and Yakuza discovered back in February, but the announcement took place only at the end of May.

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