UEFA suspends legal action against ESL trio Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus

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Neon: The European Super League, decided by the 12 biggest clubs in Europe, was a shock to the football world. Following the controversy, England’s Manchester United and others later backtracked. However, Spanish powers Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and former Italian champions Juventus are among the teams that have not backed down from playing in the Super League.

The UEFA team was warned that disciplinary action would be taken against the three teams for not backing down. UEFA has warned of “serious repercussions”, including a ban from the Champions League.

However, reports suggest that UEFA has abandoned its decision to ban clubs Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus, which are still part of the European Super League. Earlier, UEFA announced that they would be banned from the Champions League next season. But as time went on, UEFA turned the corner. UEFA has decided not to take any action against the three clubs for the time being.

UEFA’s fears that action against Europe ‘s largest clubs could backfire. UEFA has decided to stay all action against these clubs until a new order is issued. UEFA had earlier said it would ban the clubs from UEFA tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League for two years. But UEFA fears that without these clubs the standard of the Champions League will go down.

It was anticipated that the teams would face UEFA disciplinary action. According to UEFA spokespersons, the UEFA appeals body discussed the matter with the teams and decided not to take any disciplinary action for the time being.

UEFA had earlier suggested that the other nine clubs that withdrew from the Super League pay a small fine from next year’s Champions League earnings. The football world is eager to see how these clubs will react to UEFA’s new decision.


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