UK electric car charging cost rises 21%

Unprecedented record increases contributed to energy prices Raising the cost of charging electric cars in United kingdom By 21%, which could impede the electrification of the transport sector in the northwestern European country.

and saw Electricity and gas prices Steady increases since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February, but fuel prices have risen more quickly, as suppliers of crude oil struggle to meet demand.

The cost of fast charging for electric vehicles in the UK has risen by a fifth in the past 8 months, according to new research by RAC and seen by the specialist energy platform.

Electric vehicle charging cost

According to the report, the price of electric car charging to 44.55 pence per kilowatt-hour since last September, compared to 36.74 pence at the end of the summer, an increase of 7.81 pence.

(Pound sterling = 100 pence)

The British government plans to ban the sale of working cars Gasoline and dieselby 2030, to achieve its goal of being a zero-emission UK vehicle by 2050.

Electric car charging – archive

The British car service company said the average cost to complete an 80% quick charge of a family-sized electric car, with a 64-kilowatt-hour battery, had risen by nearly £4 since September 2021, from £18.81 ($23.76) to £22.81. ($22.81) Currently.

In contrast, the cost of filling an 80% of a 55-litre family car has increased by 14.54 pounds from last September, from £ 59.67 to £ 74.21, according to the website. Energy Live News “energylivenews”.

“Just as the cost to diesel and petrol drivers to fill up the pumps is affected by fluctuations in global oil prices, electric vehicle owners are affected by higher gas and electricity prices,” said Simon Williams, a spokesman for RAK Automotive Services.

Which is cheaper electric cars or petrol and diesel cars?

“While drivers of electric vehicles may not be immune to record price hikes in energy, especially gas, which in turn determines the cost of electricity, charging for electric vehicles still remains to be seen,” Williams said. with batteries Less expensive than filling cars with diesel or gasoline.

Charging an electric car costs nearly half the cost per mile compared to filling a family car with petrol.

The average cost of a liter of petrol in the United Kingdom has increased by 25% since last September, and diesel has risen by about 30%, according to data seen by the specialized energy platform.

electric car charging
Factory for the manufacture of electric cars in the United Kingdom

Diesel prices exceeded, during the month of May, record levels exceeding 1.80 pounds per liter.

With the increase in electricity prices, home charging has become more expensive than before, and the cost of electricity used to charge electric cars varies according to the home tariff that the customer falls under, yet express charging and home charging are still less expensive than gasoline or diesel per mile.

According to data from the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Dealers in the United Kingdom, sales of electric cars in Britain represented 1 to 6 of the total car sales in the country during the past year.

Electric car prices

The prices of electric cars are thousands of pounds higher than their gasoline or diesel counterparts, because batteries for electric cars are expensive, as well as the need to inject a large amount of investment to convert existing factory production lines to cars Fossil fuelsto manufacture new technology.

However, the cost of electric cars is expected to decline in the near future, as speculation indicates that the prices of battery-powered cars will be at the level of the cost of internal combustion vehicles by the end of the current decade, according to the website BBC.

Electric car batteries need rare earth metals, such as neodymium, which is the metal used to make magnets in all kinds of electric motors and high-tech devices.

In 2021, Tesla cars, owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, topped the sales of electric cars around the world, amounting to 6.6 million vehicles.

(GBP = $1.26 US)

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