Ultenic T10 – what good is a vacuum robot with lidar location and suction station for 400 euros?

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Ultenic T10 – what good is a vacuum robot with lidar location and suction station for 400 euros?

The Ultenic T10 also masters fluffy carpets.

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Good vacuum robots don’t have to be expensive. The Ultenic T10 is available with the latest navigation technology and a convenient suction station for only 400 euros.

A few years ago they were still exotic, today they are an indispensable part of many households: robotic vacuum cleaners. They do not completely replace manual vacuuming, but they do ensure permanent basic cleanliness. The question that arises today is: How much do I really have to spend to perform well?

We have the Ultenic T10 tried out. Its specialty. The mobile vacuum cleaner is supplied with a large suction station that vacuums the small dust container in the device. There is a 4.5 liter bag in the station – that’s enough for about two months of dirt. The set costs around 600 euros regularly – but Ultenic also offers the combination for 400 euros.

Unpacking and installation are child’s play. A remote control is included as a nice feature, so the device can also be controlled without a smartphone app. The WiFi connection works at 2.4 GHz and not at 5.0 GHz – but the device has no problem with a double network on both frequencies.

The vacuum cleaner is set up as usual. In the center there is a rotating brush of medium size. A round brush-broom scoops the dirt from the sides in the direction of the suction slot. The chassis creates higher thresholds and thick carpets without any problems. The lidar radar dome, with which the device measures the apartment, rises up on the top. The T10 docks automatically for charging and suction. The station does not have a floor platform on which the vacuum cleaner stands, as is the case with iRobot, and is only slightly tapered at the bottom. The robot and vacuum cleaner then together take up the noticeable footprint of around 35×50 centimeters. Here you have to look where you can put the device in small apartments. The ensemble also fits under a table, but hardly under a bench due to the height of the station. The operating instructions recommend – as with all devices – a lot of free space next to the station, this is not necessary, it is just not allowed to squeeze it.

Careful and focused

Setting up the app is easy and self-explanatory. It can also be switched to German. As expected, the lidar location is straightforward and accurate. If you like, you can treat yourself to the fun and accompany the robot on an initial exploration of the apartment on the app. Then you can see exactly how the radar spies out the rooms.

The type of the T10 is a careful housemate. He doesn’t hit the walls and try to stay out of navigation traps. You can follow the cleaning paths on the app. The advantages are obvious: The T10 does not scratch furniture or baseboards and it almost never gets stuck. He almost always returns safely to base. But you can also see that he avoids a “forest” of table legs. Complicated and crowded areas are therefore not vacuumed. Own assessment: a good choice. If a robot proceeds too vigorously here, the chair legs are pushed back and forth, or it often finds itself in a hopeless situation from which it cannot find its way back.

The suction power can be adjusted in several stages. As always, the same applies here: Full power does get loud, in times of home office less is sometimes more. The 5,200 mAh LG lithium-ion battery is sufficient for a very large apartment. The T10 has a brushless motor and therefore works without wear.

A little wipe

The T10 can also operate in a wipe mode. The dust container is also the water tank. If you want to wipe, the tank must be filled. A detergent can be added to the water. Finally, a fleece is attached under the vacuum cleaner. The robot then also moves differently. He drives back and forth and wags the fleece across the floor. One should not expect a cleaning performance that is too great. This does not remove dried tomato sauce. But it is wiped with a damp cloth. This is certainly a real plus, especially in southern areas with great heat, tiled floors and a lot of dust. But often just a nice-to-have.

Restricted zones can be set up on the navigation map. But that was not necessary in our rather complicated household. The U10 also bypasses all problem areas. There were only malfunctions if the device had eaten up a cloth or shoelace lying around. Rooms can be named on the map and the robot can be moved there with commands.

Everyone has to ask about their own habits. If you send the robot on its journey by timer, you will have less need for it. As with all robots, there is no technical solution to one problem: closed doors. A robot has to fit in locked rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

As always, the brush has to be freed from hair every now and then. It can be largely dismantled, so the hair can also be removed at the end of the rollers. In any case, brush rollers do not suffer as much from long hair as rubber rollers, which the fibers tend to cut. The T10 is gleaming white, like almost all household appliances from Asia. A more muted color scheme would actually be more appropriate. Because he works cautiously, he doesn’t scratch either.


The T10 was particularly convincing because it does its job smoothly and always returns to its station. In a positive sense, he is a housemate who is seldom noticed. This goes well with the large suction station, which makes it possible to largely leave the device to itself. In operation, the T10 works at least as reliably as much more expensive branded devices. However, the combination of lidar location and suction is never cheap. But the promotional prices of 400 euros are a real bargain where you can’t go wrong, even if you have to look for something to get the good price.

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