unanimous indignation of executive and politicians

Storm warning in Hauts-de-France. The day after the announcement of the brutal closure of a Bridgeston factory in Béthune, the Minister for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari warned that the leaders of Bridgestone will have “to be accountable»,. «It’s an act that lacks courage, on the form», Criticized the minister at the microphone of RTL, recalling that the announcement of the closure had been made on video by the leaders. “When you take such drastic measures, for more than 800 employees, you will at least announce them, prepare them and tell them what you have planned as an alternative solution and takeover plan. None of this was done“Regretted the minister.

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In addition, the leaders of the Japanese group had not requested any state aid other than partial unemployment, “which suggests that[ils] did not have an alternative project for the site“. The Minister Delegate also regretted the absence of social dialogue with staff representatives. A meeting will therefore take place on Monday with the European leaders of Bridgestone, who will present their “alternative strategy for the site“And”accountable».

Guest of Cnews, Bruno Le Maire also spoke out on Thursday against Bridgestone’s decision. The Japanese company “took an appalling decision, with an appalling method that has appalling consequences», Indignant the Minister of the Economy. The file is followed very closely by Bercy, allied to the region as well as to the city of Béthune. The authorities will “to fight“And look for”site reindustrialisation solution»Or a way of directing the production of the plant to adapt it to the current tire market.

«We must be more vigilant“, Warns the CGT

These speeches are the latest in a long series of criticisms formulated by elected officials from several political parties. On Wednesday, the president of the region, Xavier Bertrand, denounced the behavior of the leaders of Bridgestone, calling them “liars, cynics“. RN leader Marine Le Pen criticized the use of the epidemic as “screen“And”pretext for the economic crisis“. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal regretted the “betrayal of trust»Placed by the executive in Bridgestone. “Planning is urgent“, Considered the leader of the Insoumis, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, adding that”Macron leaves dismissal and favors [les usines de Bridgestone] out of France».

For their part, employees do not hide their concerns. “The company has not invested enough for a production adapted to today’s needs, it has been going on for years», Regretted the leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez. “It’s good that politicians are indignant, but we must be more vigilant», Especially when a group requests public aid. The trade unionist believes that Bridgestone must return the money granted by the public authorities, because it can “be used to find industrial alternatives so as not to close the plant». «It’s possible not to close it“, He wanted to believe.

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In a virulent press release sent Thursday, Sud Chimie is indignant at “heavy blow which fell savagely on the employees of the Bridgestone site». «Unheard of brutality», «nothing better to kill your dog than accusing him of having rabies», «savagery of rulers“… The trade union organization does not mince words against the Japanese group, which”uses public powers and of course their lies“. Sud Chimie therefore calls for a “large-scale mobilization“And is delighted with”front uni»Of the authorities against the closure of the factory. “The real showdown will be the one that employees and their supporters start with Bridgestone», Underlines the union.


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