Uncharted 5: Naughty Dog could actually sue the franchise

Desires for new licenses, yes, but this does not mean that the Dogs will obviously give up another Uncharted game, The Last of Us 3 or Jak and Daxter 4.

Ideas, there seems to be a bundle running through the heads of Naughty Dog, including giving up on giving up the license that really blew them up: Uncharted.

While a ambitious stand alone multiplayer game, who wants to be cinematographic and as qualitative as the studio’s solo titles, Evan Wells – who shares the presidency of Naughty Dog with Neil Druckmann, was questioned on what developers aspire to for the future.

IP News? Back to Uncharted or The Last of Us?

I believe the easy answer is: the two. I think that’there is enthusiasm to develop new franchises, most there is still a lot of love for Uncharted and The Last of Us, and I think that in the future you will see other projects around his series from us.

Uncharted 5 on PS5 is therefore a track, even if previously, the teams had preferred to stop at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, after having changed his mind twice.

What if it was already in preparation? A former Bend Studio revealed that following the rejection of Days Gone 2, a part had been assigned on an Uncharted project, before negotiating a comeback on a new “promising” IP.

Remember, if necessary, that the outline of the story of a The Last of Us 3 has been written and that’a Jak and Daxter 4 is also not out of reach.

Until then, it will remain the film Uncharted with Tom Holland and the HBO TLOU series.

Source : www.gameinformer.com, www.resetera.com


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