Unclaimed assets: CDG launches its online service “AMANTI”

thursday, january 14, 2021 at 11:39 am

Casablanca – the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) announced on Thursday the launch of its new “AMANTI” platform for remote consultation and research of dormant assets consigned to CDG.

Based on the latest technologies in the field, “AMANTI” allows citizens to make restitution requests directly online, offering them more comfort and proximity in their relations with CDG, while guaranteeing security and protection. of their personal data, specifies the Fund in a press release.

Available in Arabic and French, “AMANTI”, launched as part of the efforts deployed by the CDG Group for the continuous improvement of its services for citizens, is available in web and mobile formats. A dedicated line is also available to the public via a team dedicated to listening to support and guide each request for a simple and fast route.

Confirming its historic commitment to the conduct of projects of general interest, CDG offers through this new free service, to all citizens residing in Morocco or elsewhere, the possibility of seeking funds from their Moroccan bank accounts that have been inactive for more than of 10 years, which were transferred to CDG – under article 152 of law 103-12 relating to credit institutions and similar organizations – and which in turn, in the absence of a request for restitution , is required to pay them irreversibly to the benefit of the State after a period of 5 years.

In line with its strategy of supporting the State policy in favor of the modernization and digitization of public services, “AMANTI” perfectly embodies the general interest mission entrusted by the legislator to CDG.

In fact, as part of its “Consignment” activity, CDG ensures the security of the funds entrusted to it and which require special protection until their liquidation.

The CDG, it should be remembered, is empowered by virtue of articles 2 and 15 of the Dahir establishing its creation to receive administrative and judicial consignments as well as guarantees. This service consists of receiving the rights of natural or legal persons in order to preserve and then restore these rights to their duly recognized and identified beneficiaries.

For more than sixty years, the Caisse has thus developed some twenty deposit services in partnership with the public authorities. They include expropriation indemnities, minors ‘funds, escheat funds, disputed sums, estates of Moroccans who died abroad, estates of deceased officials, prisoners’ wages or sick funds.

Affecting vulnerable social layers, these funds are consigned to CDG, which provides them with protection in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force. CDG’s Consignments activity also covers different categories of surety bonds, including provisional bonds for public procurement bidders, and final bonds for service concessionaires.

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