“Uncovering the Controversy of Michelle Hajal’s Burial: A Story of Hope, Faith, and Mystery”

2023-05-21 19:32:19

A large number of social media pioneers were preoccupied with the news of “opening the burial of the young Michelle Hajal,” who died after a long struggle with cancer in 2019.

During her illness, Michelle turned into an influential face that carried messages of hope for victory over the disease, and she enjoyed great support campaigns through communication sites, and she has known fame since she was a third runner-up for Miss Lebanon in 2016.

After the news of his recovery, he sowed hope in the hearts of many. There was relapse and then death.

Today, the news of her burial was opened and that her corpse is “still almost untouched,” which paves the way for religious references that Christians are certain to mean “things on the path of utopia.”

We tried to find out the answer to two questions: Was the burial opened? And why?

Indeed, concerned church sources confirmed the response to the Hajal family’s request to open the cemetery. It is a request that the family insisted on for months, after “Michel appeared in a dream to people in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, asking for the burial to be opened,” according to the sources who witnessed the opening of the grave.

About 4 people were able to see the corpse, which appeared to be “not decomposed,” and a witness stated that he saw “hair on her head after it had fallen out as a result of chemotherapy,” and always according to sources that confirm that “these data do not mean anything, and the next step will be to assign doctors to examine the body.” The body, and if the ecclesiastical authorities find reasons to start opening a legal file, the matter will happen.” Nothing more yet.

Hajal belongs to the Orthodox denomination, and Christians believe in signs that people may send after their death, whom God may choose, as a result of their life path.

However, the issue is witnessing a great religious controversy, and it requires a large process of investigations within the church, and most of them are based on medicine and law, according to previous events.

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