Under the epidemic, low-key banquet for her daughter for a hundred-day soup Yi Jixi’s friend Chen Jiale (19:25)-20211014-SHOWBIZ

Chen Jiale and Tang Yi attended the opening ceremony of TVB’s new program “The Kitchen of the Gods” today. Chen Jiale, who participated in the competition, said that the best cooked white rice was the best, followed by fried eggs. He said: “I started cooking white rice when I was 5 years old. I have more than 30 years of experience. When I was a child, I participated in the Cub Scouts to learn to fry sun eggs and got a badge for it. During the epidemic, I often stayed at home to fry beef steaks, and the taste is good. Not bad. (Have even Shiya tried your cooking skills?) Every friend has eaten.”

Tang Yi revealed that her daughter Mai Ziqiao is 4 months old and often speaks out to learn to speak. Jiale said that he had never hugged Zi Qiao. After hearing Tang Yi said that he had only invited his family to attend her daughter’s Hundred Days Banquet, he immediately pretended to be a mistress. Ask me to attend, I am very awkward! (Will you not invite Tang Yi to attend when you get married in the future?) No, I will definitely please! I hope that when I get married in the future, the epidemic has passed.”

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